A History Of:

The Recycle Systems Company Inc. (RSC) was incorporated in July of 1992 and started operations in August 1992 as a pilot project for recycling waste stream aerosol cans that were collected by Alberta Environment, Action on Waste at the various “Household Toxic Round-ups” throughout Alberta. The 300 barrel pilot project was successful and the remaining 470 barrels of aerosols were released to RSC for processing. Attached to the operating permits was a letter allowing RSC to import recyclables from across Canada. Marketing focus was shifted to private industry collections and proved to be successful insofar that RSC was the first and only processor/recycler in Canada.

In 1993, RSC was awarded a contract to process other pressurized cylinders that were collected at the closed down “Dew Line” sites across the Arctic. Again, RSC was the first and only company in Canada to tender a quote to major waste management companies for processing and recycling this waste. A big volume of this waste was acetylene bottles requiring a need to develop specialized equipment to process their cylinders. RSC has been awarded numerous contracts over the years from major gas suppliers resulting in complete processing success, adhering to environmental and health guidelines.

RSC diversified operations in 1997 by purchasing Terra Impact Management (TIM) from Chemical Recovery Systems Inc. that was operating as a distributor of dry-cleaning fluids to dry-cleaning firms in Alberta and providing a service to remove their waste and have this recycled. The next logical activity was solvents for auto-body shops and servicing this recyclable commodity. Waste clean up and consulting contracts followed. With the acquisition, CRS is now the only shareholder in RSC for its day-today operations.

Moving FOrward

Mission and Vision

Mission: RSC will continue to sustain the activities of the company with continued enhancement by selected expansion of our services based on evaluation of opportunity, viability and feasibility.

Vision: Maintain and continue to develop a premier environmental company through vertical integration and commitment to the highest business standards.


 To broaden the competence and awareness of management and staff in relation to the changing environmental landscape and undertake to provide competitive and affordable salaries and benefits.

 To pursue efficiency while expanding current activities including new services and or acquisition to improve net returns.

To develop and implement yard, equipment and building requirement guidelines that reflect compliancy issues in the environmental operating permits and building code standards with target timelines.

Format and improve communications and marketing capabilities by subscribing to the Environmental Services Association of Alberta’s Code of Ethics.


How we plan to accomplish our goals as a company

Goal 1

Continued education of prescribed programs, safety practices and renewal of certificates along with competency requirements and documentation

In house and or external training for review and familiarization of existing and new regulations with recorded documentation.

Standards of competency requirements to be implemented and revisited on a timely basis with documentation (ie. COR program)

Participating in selected trade shows and seminars relating to the environmental industry to be encouraged and monitored for effectiveness, marketing and net returns.

Goal 2

Maintain an accurate recording system to document generator/receiver activities.

Target a yearly growth of revenues from 10% to 25%. Excess of revenues above the 25% target would unduly strain the capacity of personnel and equipment.

Management to constantly review efficiency and utilization of personnel and equipment.

Comprehensive plans for capital investment equipment requirements to be developed to take advantage of new opportunities.

Goal 3

A rolling three year building/construction plan will be undertaken to accommodate present and foreseeable activities. This plan will be mirrored by a rolling three year budget projection.

Goal 4

Develop a web site concept that can be continuously updated with accurate, current information.

Establish criteria for a measurement of the value realized from the activities.