Our Mission

To provide environmentally sound management services to our clients through an ever increasingly diverse range of products and services.

Our Vision

Think of a world where companies operate with integrity, do what they say they’re going to do, and act with an environmental conscience.

In such a world companies make an effort to recycle their wastes, emissions are voluntarily reduced and efforts are made to correct the mistakes of the past.

Our vision sees a world where integrity is part of the bottom line.

The Recycle Systems Company

The Recycle Systems Company (RSC) Inc. is an integrated waste management corporation with a concentration on recycling technology and options. Split into two divisions; Recycle Systems Company and Terra Impact Management, the company can effectively handle diverse waste streams as well as projects. Recycle Systems is a recycler of aerosols and compressed gas products. In over 25 years of operations RSC has developed methodologies for effective management of common household aerosols to the less common CFC and Freon cylinders. From lecture bottles to one ton cylinders RSC can handle your high pressure problems.

Terra Impact Management

Terra Impact Management supplies a wide range of solvents and the recycling option for wastes produced from the use of these solvents. Terra also provides full analytical support as well as project management. Terra can provide dedicated disposal for wastes that do not having a recycling option. Terra carries a range of decontamination chemicals for PCB’s, pesticides, metals and other recalcitrant contaminants. In conjunction with the Teemark Corporation, Terra Impact Management supplies and services, paint can crushers, drum crushers, and aerosol processing equipment.