About The Recycle Systems

The Recycle Systems Company (RSC) Inc. is an integrated waste management corporation with a concentration on recycling technology and options


Recycle Systems specializes in recycling aerosols and compressed gas products. The company also recycles numerous other compounds and products, click below to find out more.

Terra Impact management

Terra Impact Management supplies a wide range of solvents and the recycling option for wastes produced from the use of these solvents 

As part of our corporate mandate The Recycle Systems Company Inc., Terra Impact Management provides recycling/disposal options for waste generated from any of the products we supply. Providing closed-loop management for your products provides cost effective management options for the client and provides crude stock for our recycled products
Interesting Statistics

Interesting Statistics

Liquid fluids from waste stream aerosol cans that are thrown into landfills in Canada on a yearly basis exceed many major high seas oil spills. If each household uses 5.5 cans per year, the following ends up in landfills each and every year.

3,440,000 litres of toxic fluid

735,000 kilograms of recyclable plastic

5,510,000 kilograms (5,510 tonnes) of recyclable metal

If various industrial users used three times as many cans, then on a combined total we presently landfill yearly over

13,760,000 litres (67,120 barrels) of toxic liquid

2,940,000 kilograms (2,940 tonnes) of recyclable plastic

22,040,000 kilograms (22,040 tonnes) of recyclable metal

The landfill volume equates to 220,040 cubic metres.

An area the size of 40 football fields on meter deep.