Press Releases


Press Releases

Aside from the exciting developments at Recycle Systems, we will also be featuring articles that emphasize the good, the bad and the ugly of the Environmental Industry.

RSC Obtains Amended Approval After Five Years
Since the initial application in 1997 the amended approval 1439-01-01 was approved on February 1st, 2002. Highlights of the amendment include:

- expanded capacity
- incineration capacity
- broad spectrum transfer capability

Another Aerosol Processor Explodes
Mister Pick-up/Pinnacle Waste Services of Kitchner, Ontario was completely destroyed on October 30, 2001.

Although organizations like CSR tout the safety of aerosol processing - because they are empty, this is not so.

The majority of aerosols contain 10-15% residual fluids, 10-25% residual propellants, the propellants are typically butane, propane or iso-butane and contain no odorant (mercaptan - the smell associated with propane and/or natural gas). Propellants remain entrained in the fluid for hours, slowly degassing. The propellants odorless and heavier than air can lie in wait for a spark to ignite them.

Aside from crushing and shredding processes the individual can poppers also introduce these risks into plants where they are used.

Managing the risks associated with aerosols processing is the focus of companies like The Recycle Systems Company Inc. who utilize active vacuum extraction of propellants and continuous propellant destruction.